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Treatment depends on the cause of reglan pills, as well as on the individual characteristics of the patient. Historical facts Causes of pathology Primary Secondary Clinical manifestations of the disease Confirmation of the diagnosis Methods of therapy Preparations Botulinum toxin Microvascular decompression Folk remedies Reviews. The disease was first described in 1875. Brissot, a neuropathologist, gave a detailed description of facial muscle spasms. That is why the disease often bears the name of this scientist.

The breach was described by a Frenchman in 1894. Since then, in many medical reference books you can find such a term as Brissot's disease. At the same time, the problem was diagnosed more often in females, as well as in patients of the Mongoloid race. Scientists attribute this to buy metoclopramide online of the structure of the skull.

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The pathogenesis of hemifacial spasm is not fully understood. As a result, its exact nature is unknown. It is customary to single out the primary problem, which is called idiopathic, as well as secondary. A thorough examination is required to determine the cause of reglan online. The etiology determines the tactics of further treatment and significantly affects the prognosis.

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Clonic twitches of the facial muscles are associated with compression of the corresponding nerve.

Most often, a vessel acts as a damaging compound. That is why the cramp in 90% of cases is unilateral. Among the factors that can lead to nerve compression, there is arterial hypertension that occurs in the vessels of the brain, which provokes an increase in their diameter and contributes to the development of a tick.


It is with this that the prevalence of pathology among patients of a more mature age is associated.

People with heart problems are at risk and have a high chance of developing clonic facial muscle spasms. Hemispasm also occurs with other pathologies, which include.


Tumor lesions of metoclopramide, in particular its trunk.

They are able to mechanically compress and displace nerve formations, leading to facial twitches. Cerebral injuries, especially lesions of the cortex, occurring during accidents, catastrophes and accidents. Spasm provokes the formation of an aneurysm. The problem itself is also dangerous. It consists in the formation of a pathological part of the vessel, which, when pulsating, provides irritation to the nerve. This is what causes facial cramps. Clonic hemifacial spasm is also formed during intoxication with drugs and poisons of metoclopramide pills.

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Long-term use of antibiotics is also potentially dangerous. Observance of correct doses is of reglan importance. Spasm of the facial muscles occurs against the background of a genetic predisposition to neurological diseases. Muscle contraction begins when exposed to irritating factors. bright light, loud sounds, as well as while eating.

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Convulsions are characterized by signs accompanying movement disorders. Irritation of the nerve causes twitching, which looks very specific. Symptoms of facial hemispasm include spasm of the muscles around the eye. Initially, twitching is unilateral, but as it develops, the clinical picture may worsen. Gradually, a larger surface is affected. Extensive muscle groups are involved in the pathological process. Cheeks, lips, forehead twitch. Attacks are not accompanied by painful sensations and occur suddenly, giving patients some discomfort.

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Hemispasm of the facial nerve, unlike many other movement disorders, worries at night. Natural relaxation does not occur due to the constant squeezing of the neurons of this connection. The symptoms increase over time, causing the patient to overwork, insomnia and irritability.

If untreated, the spasm of the muscles of the face is replaced by their paresis, that is, the inability to normal contraction. In addition to movement disorders, visual impairment and hearing impairment are also recorded, since the damaged nerve does not ensure their full-fledged work.

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If you do not pay attention to such manifestations, then over time, the pathology leads to the formation of complications. The main one is hearing loss. To identify hemispasm, an examination by a neurologist will be required.